LITCO places a high value on the safety and the welfare of its employees, subcontractors and the public.

Our unique philosophy and safety culture have shaped in the best way. When it comes to safety and project delivery, we believe safety planning begins in preconstruction. Each project team performs a project-specific Hazard Analysis for their project during preconstruction.

Our safety program is managed by a full-time, Board-Certified Safety Professional, who reports directly to senior management and oversees safety training, jobsite inspections and other key components of our corporate safety program. On our jobsites, the Project Manager and Superintendent are responsible for safety compliance and successful implementation of our safety policies. Senior management at Plant Construction Company regularly reviews safety performance data from each project. Plant has a safety incentive/bonus program for employees and supervisors who work safely.

The success of the program can be measured by the results produced, which includes achieving a total incident rate below the industry average, resulting in the ultimate goal of the safety program:  employees returning home safely to their families.