The Bulk Gravel and Sand Supplier Trusted by Construction Companies

The stability of a structure is only as strong as its framework and build. Choosing the right materials is necessary to ensure the structural integrity of an infrastructure, and selecting construction materials is dependent on the conditions of the area and terrain where the project will be developed. The right construction materials can fortify a structure against the most arduous conditions, while the opposite could result in a substandard building that is at risk of collapsing at any moment.

For high-quality building materials, construction companies can count on one of the leading sand and gravel suppliers in the region today – LITCO Oman.

What makes us different from other bulk gravel suppliers

With more than 20 years in the building industry, we have cemented a good reputation amongst construction companies for providing premium quality products that meet industry standards and exceed client expectations. As one of the premier bulk sand and gravel suppliers in Oman, we have the widest variety of quarry products in the country.

Whether you need crushed stone, black sand, gravel, marine materials, or other aggregates, we are the sand supplier that can meet your needs. As a testament to our commitment to excellence, our aggregates meet ISO 9000 standards. Our material is sourced from the finest gabbro in the country, leading to aggregates with superior consistency.

We source our bulk gravel and sand orders from the same quarry. This helps maintain uniformity as the construction materials are mixed to form tile formations, stone walls, and other rock-based projects.

Quality management for bulk orders

As one of the leading bulk gravel suppliers in the region, we ensure that all the products we deliver are up to industry standards. In line with this, we have a quality management and assurance department that regularly does a thorough inspection of our construction materials to guarantee that we deliver bulk aggregates and materials that comply with industry standards. Whether you need out-base, sub-base, or wet mix materials, we can help you.

Find out why construction firms and companies choose to partner with LITCO Oman – one of the leading gravel and sand suppliers in the region today.